Live mode betting

Live betting are called bets that can be made during the game. According to statistics, they are used by more than 75% of those who bet.

This type of bet is quite ambiguous. Experienced players love this type of betting and make good money on it, whereas for beginner capital, live betting is a very serious danger. And that’s why. Most often, during Live Betting you are competing exclusively with the staff of bookmakers, leading one or another match, and exhibiting the corresponding odds. They have the same amount of time to think, just like you do, but they are professionals, and in this “blitz” they often beat beginners. Live bets are also attracted by the fact that, watching a match on TV, you can appreciate the situation well, find the right moment and make the only right decision for the bet. For example, football: before the start of the game, the coefficient on the favorite was 1.6, half an hour after the start of the match, with a zero score, you can get a better profit. And if your favorite team missed a goal, then the coefficient will generally increase by two or three times.

And what kind of sport is best for this type of betting? There is no single answer to this question. Everyone loves a certain sport: someone is well versed in tennis, another prefers football, the third – basketball. You do not need to consider yourself competent in everything at once – it can be expensive and very hard.

What bookmaker should you choose for a live bet? In this case, the criteria for selecting the right bookmaker should be the following factors: the professionalism of the quotes person (or rather, his as much as possible unprofessionalism) and the speed with which rates are accepted.

What rules should be followed when making live bets? With such rates it is necessary, first of all, to maintain common sense, so as not to move far from the intended tactics. Your clear strategy should not differ significantly from tactics at standard rates. It should also be a safe strategy for capital, for example, the rate should be within a clearly defined price framework. No need to bet more, even if you are 100% sure of the outcome of a particular match. After all, often the outcome of the match is decided in the final minutes, or a tennis player winning a big advantage gets injured and stops the match.

Use television in your observations, as TV is the most timely source of information. With this outcome, you have a chance, when they score a goal, to navigate faster than any bookmaker. Do not be too naive! Even super – clubs can lose, and at the most unexpected moment. Sport is unpredictable, and everything can be decided in the last minutes. Athletes are fighting to the last seconds and pull out the victory, which was already in the opponent’s pocket. If you want to be successful in betting, you have to find some good betting website, where you will be able to make some bets. Here is some good example of nice website

What is a live-forks? Catching the live plug is much more real than with simple bets, since odds change with amazing speed. Bookmakers can not keep up with each other, make mistakes, and simply set coefficients in order to make equal the cash flows of their customers.

Here are some recommendations to players in live bets:

1. Examine the balance of chances in a match before it starts;

2. Before making a bet, sort out the current balance of chances;

3. Get a reliable and stable source of information to control the game;

4. Stick to your strategy;

5. Do not play at low odds. Why risk $ 100 for ten, risk them for a hundred;

6. Do not try to win everything at once. Play low stakes, learn, gain experience!