Data Recovery of the Raid array – why you should contact the experts

If you have lost data from the RAID array or damaged files, several hard drives broke at the same time, then you are at the right address. After all, the solution of such issues can be addressed only by qualified specialists. Regardless of the increased reliability and security of RAID arrays, the loss of information saved on them happens quite often. Recovery of the raid array is a difficult and painstaking work. It begins with a detailed diagnosis of all components of the array, each drive in turn, to determine the cause. In the next step, a software image of the array is created, over which the workshop is carried out.

The reasons for which information from such media was lost or damaged, can be a huge amount. The controller most often fails; several hard drives may fail simultaneously; the array configuration may change. Also, data recovery of the array raid may be necessary due to user errors or logical destruction of the information in the RAID array.

Let’s consider how to restore the main types of RAID arrays

  1. RAID-0. If any of the RAID-0 drives fail, it is impossible to recover data in full. To restore the RAID completely, we first restore the data from the RAID through the failed drive and then from the remaining hard drives. If all disks are faulty, then special software methods are used for recovery.
  2. RAID-1. The “mirror” technology used here allows you to save all the data, even when one of the drives is faulty. When the RAID array is no longer determined, you need to connect the working disk to the PC directly, without using a controller. As a result, data recovery from RAID can be performed without using software.
  3. RAID-5. The number of drives here is at least three. The failure of a single disk does not affect the overall progress of the work – the array with RAID 5 continues to function normally. This result is achieved through the use of special control units that calculate the missing information after one of the drives fails. RAID 5 recovery involves the use of a Hot Spare disk, the purpose of which is to replace a drive that has failed.
  4. RAID-10. The combined first and zero levels consist of at least four drives, so if one pair fails, the other remains operational. RAID 10 recovery is performed in the same way as RAID-0: data from a non-working pair is read or additional methods are applied.

For software recovery, both the disks themselves and their images are suitable. The use of images is preferable in cases of problems with one of the hard drives of the array at the hardware level. To accommodate images from multiple disks, large media is required.

Data recovery RAID array – one of the main specializations of many services. The process of the data recovery raid in such companies is carried out using special equipment. This is the work of professionals of the highest category, developing their own analysis software.

Having a huge experience in working with them is able to recover data from a raid array in almost all cases. Their highly skilled craftsmen will perform data recovery if the array is destroyed and any disk damage occurs. They use innovative technologies, thanks to which we can recover data even on damaged drives. Do you need data recovery from RAID arrays? Feel free to contact a professional service center! They can offer really the best service that will help to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. If you will try to resolve this issue yourself, there is always some possibility that you can make it wrong. In this way you can even make the situation worst that it was before, so you don’t have to do it yourself. It’s always better to contact professional service that has all the needed experience.