Cost of promotion on Instagram

According to official statistics, more than one million companies spread all over the world promote their business in Instagram. Let’s find out together why this social network is so attractive to entrepreneurs:

  1. A high degree of loyalty to the local public. The layer of the solvent segment is the installer at the age of 18-35 years. At the same time, more than 50% of the total mass are women. This suggests that these users are most strongly influenced by social networks. They are more willing to shop in Instagram;
  2. Faster assimilation of information thanks to visual content. Photos and videos have been shown to be better received by users than text posts. This gives the opportunity to present their products in the right light, creating online displays;
  3. High audience involvement. To make things clearer, one second in Instagram is equal to 8,500 likes and 1,000 user comments;
  4. The highest conversion – this is the most important argument in favor of promotion of business in the social network. According to impartial statistics, users Instagram more than 2 times more often click on advertising posts than in other social networks.
  5. Making sure that Instagram – the most suitable place for the development of their business, it is worth reminding that more than half of the success is the competent promotion of profiles. The right approach to this issue can only be experienced SMM specialists who know a lot about the safe promotion. Long-term luggage of knowledge in the field of SMM can boast professionals of such a popular service as Soclikes, where you will find the most attractive conditions for the promotion of your account in Instagram: prices are lower than those of other suppliers.

How much does it cost to promote Instagram from scratch without a ban

In order to avoid negative moments in the process of promotion of your Instagram profile in the form of blocking or other penalties from moderators and filters, it is necessary to voice a number of requirements for your account, which are most reasonable to worry about in advance. So, pay attention to the following points:

  • The age of your profile. Do not start to promote very young accounts. The minimum age of your profile should be at least 2 months. After that you can buy instagram followers.
  • Publish at least 30 publications before promoting your account. It is advisable that they do not contain advertising information. It is better to post extremely useful content.
  • To access the advanced business functionality of the social network, link your Facebook page and your phone number. Thus, you can use all the unique features of Instagram to promote your business.
  • To the maximum, fill in all the necessary data in the profile and immediately set it up properly.
  • Pay attention to the uniqueness of the description of published photos and videos.
  • If you need to specify the price of a product or service, it is best to do it directly in the posts in the form of a picture, rather than in the text description.

An important point in the issue of account security in Instagram is the use of proxy servers. Here are a few reasons why it is worth getting them:

  • As a rule, different services are used when promoting and auto-posting. This leads to the fact that from your profile there is activity from several ip-addresses. Filters in such cases become very suspicious, which can lead to account blocking;
  • If you have more than one Instagram profile, it is not recommended to use a single ip-address for all your work accounts. Ideally, you should apply 1 proxy to the 1st profile;
  • Check all purchased ip-addresses in spam databases first, as Instagram algorithms always keep track of this moment.

By following these simple recommendations, you can protect your Instagram profile from smart social network filters and vigilant moderators.