Benefits of electronic signature

Everyone knows that technology in the modern world is developing at lightning speed. For example, twenty years ago the computer was a luxury, and people could only dream about the Internet, but now almost everyone has at least one computer, not to mention cell phones and the Internet. But today we would like to talk about electronic documents. I’m sure you’ve come across a lot of contracts. For this purpose it is necessary to defend in a queue, to read the document, then to put under it own signature. Agree that for the modern person at whom there is a constant shortage of time, such work with documents is not very convenient. 

For this reason the electronic signature with which help it is possible to make transactions in a remote mode has been thought up. It allows the person to be mobile and ergonomic. On the page you can get an electronic signature for making electronic trades. Such signature is legally significant. It is worth noting that the electronic signature was introduced relatively recently, but over time it has become quite popular. This means only one thing that a modern person is ready to work with documents using the Internet.

Using e-signature

Such a signature can be used not only by individuals, but also by legal entities. Specialists allocate a simple and reinforced electronic signature. Reinforced ES in its turn can be qualified and unqualified. Electronic signatures can be safely used for work with contracts and other documents. And this signature has the same legal powers as an ordinary one.

What are the ES advantages? With the help of this signature it is possible to submit electronic reports, participate in tenders and simply exchange documents without visiting an office or other state institution. That is with the help of ES any company can save time and money, which are spent on courier services. We hope that you will take advantage of this modern benefit, which will help you in working with documents and save valuable time.

Advantages of using ES

Using ES allows:

  • to significantly reduce time spent on transaction processing and documentation exchange;
  • improve and cheapen the procedure of documents preparation, delivery, accounting and storage;
  • guarantee the reliability of documents;
  • minimize the risk of financial losses due to the increased confidentiality of information exchange;
  • to build a corporate system for document exchange.

It is impossible to forge ES – it requires a huge number of calculations, which cannot be realized at the modern level of mathematics and computer engineering in a reasonable time, i.e. while the information contained in the signed document remains relevant. Additional protection against forgery is provided by certification. With use of ES work under the scheme “working out of the project in electronic form – creation of a paper copy for the signature – sending of a paper copy with the signature – consideration of a paper copy – its transfer in electronic form on the computer” goes back in time. If you want to order an electronic signature, you can use eSign Genie.

The electronic signature is used by physical persons and legal bodies as analogue of the handwritten signature for giving the electronic document validity, equal validity of the document on the paper carrier, signed by the handwritten signature of the competent person and fastened by the seal. An electronic document is any document created by means of computer technologies and stored on data carriers processed by means of computer technologies, be it a letter, contract or financial document, scheme, drawing, drawing or photo.