Estepona, a place of tranquillity on the Costa del Sol

Sometimes you want peace, but a peace that is not isolated from the outside world. This is not a lonely house in the mountains, where there is no living soul around within a few square kilometers. It is a way of life that was characteristic of our ancestors a couple of centuries ago. It is a leisurely, somewhat contemplative way of life, one in which the principle “live here and now” is much better realized. When there is time and desire to smile at the rays of the morning sun, an opportunity to go out into the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area, go for a pleasant walk or a morning picnic to the seaside in the walking distance from home. In Spain you can make such a dream a reality in Estepona or you can also explore house prices in majorca.

Favorite place of the Celtic goddess

Estepona is one of the beautiful corners of the Costa del Sol, just 30 km southwest of Marbella. As legend has it, she was the favorite place of the goddess of horse breeding Epona. Here, on a sunny, picturesque coast, there was a ritual sanctuary dedicated to this goddess. Next to it, a small settlement gradually grew up. The Celtic period was followed by the Phoenician colony, when Estepona became famous as a commercial port, then Roman colonization, Moorish occupation, Reconquista and restoration. But the small town never turned into ruins – only grew and developed.

Now Estepona combines the seclusion of a small fishing village, leisurely lifestyle and developed infrastructure of one of the most chic resorts in the country. Kilometers of clean and picturesque beaches, the only forest of Spanish fir in the country – not all advantages in favor of choosing this town as a place of seasonal or permanent residence.

Seasonality in Estepona

All year round Estepona is a tourist season, because even in the winter months the temperature does not drop below 9-10 degrees Celsius. And the water in the sea is never below 14 degrees. As for rainy days, there are not so many of them even in the most “gloomy” months – the record breaks in March, when their number reaches ten. The best time to visit this town is from May to the end of September. This is for those who care about the beach aspect and who like the water temperature above 20 degrees. For everyone else, there are no restrictions.

What do you do in Estepona out of season?

Elegant streets, cosy squares, small white houses with red tiled roofs in the Old Town, where the architecture is an example of Andalusian provincial beauty. Small cafés with terraces, souvenir shops, lurking in real treasures wine cellars – everything is buried in the green, permeated with the aroma of flowers and sea breeze, refreshing and soothing. Perhaps this is how simple human paradise can be. Many medieval attractions have been preserved in the city: the clock tower of the XVI century, the church of the XVIII century Virgen de los Remedios, ancient mansions built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. All this allows you to enjoy not only the beach, but also an educational holiday.

It will be pleasant to be here in the periods when in some other countries there is a gloomy off-season. Bright sunshine is the weather typical for this wonderful place. You can just enjoy the mild climate, meditate and relax. And for everyone who loves to explore the space around them in Estepona all year round is a complete paradise. You can endlessly explore the narrow cobbled streets of the Old Town and explore the interesting exhibitions in museums. Estepona is a love for life, for every creative moment, for the present moment “here and now”.