What is FPS in CS GO

FPS in CS GO is an acronym that can have two different meanings. Consider briefly both:

  • First Person Shooter – the designation of a particular genre of game, which also includes Counter-Strike.
  • Frames Per Second – the number of images displayed on the screen in a given unit of time. We are interested in the second value, which we will analyze in detail. If you want to make your game more attractive, you can use the best csgo case.

How does FPS work in CS GO?

Videos, movies or games that we watch on the screens are a set of frames, quickly and consistently updated at a certain rate. For example, in the movie industry, the standard is 24 frames per second, which is enough for simple viewing. The more frames per unit of time displayed on the screen, the more accurate and clear the image will be. When the game “lags” – players begin to see a smooth and viscous picture, and the FPS value drops to low values: as a rule, to 10-20 frames.

Accordingly, the higher the FPS value is, the more frames are displayed on the screen. The game becomes fast, responsive and enjoyable. FPS in CS GO plays a crucial role because the gameplay involves hitting enemy models accurately, and with a low frame rate this task becomes much more difficult.

FPS limit

Many people are used to bragging about high frame rates of several hundred units. However, in the vast majority of cases numbers over 150 FPS do not play a role. Let’s understand why. The monitors of our computers or laptops have limited capabilities. In the specifications you can find the item “Monitor refresh rate”. This parameter indicates the maximum number of frames that can be displayed per second of time. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). The vast majority of age monitors have a limit of 60 and 75 hertz, while modern models have a limit of 144 and 240 hertz. If you use a monitor at 60 hertz, it will not be able to display more than 60 fps. Therefore, all values of FPS in CS GO above this figure will not manifest in any way. Gameplay will be the same at both 60 and 300 FPS.

What does the FPS affect

As mentioned above, a high frame rate is necessary for clear and responsive gameplay. But what does it give in practice? What does FPS in CS GO do and how does frame rate affect gameplay? First of all, the image on the screen changes quickly and is well synchronized with eye reflexes. With low FPS you will only observe periodic frame changes, and the average values will seem as if the game is slightly slowed down. For shooters both options are unacceptable and greatly interfere with the fight with opponents.

Secondly, with higher FPS the player can react to the events better and faster. The aim is aimed more accurately, all game actions are performed accurately. 

What is the optimal FPS?

For novice players it is difficult to understand what figure can be considered optimal for the game. In fact, there is no clear table with definitions and comparisons of FPS values and game quality level. However, you can make a similar approximate table on your own:

  1. Up to 30 FPS – a low level, which practically does not allow to play CS GO stably.
  2. From 30 to 40 FPS – acceptable low level at which you can play CS GO. There are slowdowns, uncomfortable and difficult to play.
  3. From 40 to 60-80 FPS – a comfortable level, at which hangs almost never occur.
  4. Above 80-100 FPS – the most comfortable level of the game when nothing prevents the gamer to play the situation qualitatively.

If you have a low value of this indicator, you should learn how to make FPS in CS GO higher by various manipulations with settings, additional software or changing the hardware of your computer to achieve csgo upgrade.