How to write paid comments on Instagram

If you want to make money writing comments on Instagram, then first you should prepare your profile. You can buy instagram followers, put up some posts and decorate your account nicely. You have to understand that not everyone is willing to pay for all comments. One-word comments like “Wow!” or “Cool!” no one will pay. If you want to organize a successful income from the comments, you must learn to write them intelligently.

In fact, there is nothing difficult about it, but you need to understand the specifics of the work and its goals. The tasks of the commenter can be different – to outline the benefits of the product, write a positive review, involve users in the discussion, interest in registration. It’s important to understand the key purpose of the commentary, to disclose it as natively and persuasively as possible. The style of writing also plays an important role. You can highlight the following few tips for writing an intelligent comment.

  1. Write as if you were discussing a topic with friends. It is acceptable to use slang in your comments, but don’t overdo it. Remember that you’re writing for people – keep it simple and heartfelt.
  2. Avoid stereotypical phrases and unnecessary “water. The comment should be succinct, concise and reflect the main point.
  3. Do not use other people’s comments. If you have no ideas, you can study other users’ comments. But in no case do not copy them, even in part. Customers can easily check the uniqueness of your comment. If you try to sell a comment that is not unique, you risk not only being left without payment, but also damage your rating and reputation.
  4. If the task does not specify a positive/negative comment, then express your opinion objectively.
  5. There is no need to over-praise the goods. Such comments look inorganic.

You do not have to be a guru on the subject, but familiar with the subject that you need to comment, it is necessary. For example, if we are talking about electrical goods, then be sure to study its characteristics, functions. If you want to make money on comments, then make sure that they will be understandable to american instagram followers of your customer.

Who is suitable for this way of earning

Earnings from the comments – not difficult, and will suit people of all ages and with any education. To start earning, you only need a few details.

  • E-mail. E-mail is needed for registration (and, if necessary, to resume access to your account) at most services. 
  • A bank card or an e-wallet. It is necessary for receiving payment and withdrawal of earned money. It is recommended to give preference to the most widespread payment systems.
  • Anti-plagiarism. Comments must be unique, not copied from another source. To check the absence of matches with others, you can use a number of free services. 
  • Service to check spelling. Another prerequisite for writing comments is the absence of errors. You can check spelling on special services.
  • Programs for screenshots. Often, customers ask for a screenshot of a comment to confirm the completion of the work. You can use many programs and services to make a screenshot.