Casino games classification

What Do Casino Games Mean?

Currently, there are a large number of online casino games that you can play in the gambling portal available for your jurisdiction. In essence, casino games are services that descend from their land-based analogs and involve buying tickets, chips, spins, and more for real money. In addition, some iGaming solutions support the demo versions. 

However, such entertainment has limited functionality and does not allow you to win real money. Below you can find more about the main types of games supported by modern casinos.

Available Games in Online Casinos

Currently, you can face a lot of casino game classification types. However, most of them can be divided into slots, card/table entertainment, and instant games. Below you can find out more about each of them in detail.

Card & Table games

You can barely find a casino that does not offer you to play poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, and more. After slots, these are the most popular casino services for which players spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. Each game in the online platform is no different from the same in the land-based casino. 

At the same time, online portals always offer a wider range of iGaming solutions you can easily switch among in a matter of seconds. Separately, it should be said about live dealer games. In this case, the casino offers you to play card and table games virtually with a live dealer to increase engagement and boost the gambling experience. As a rule, live entertainment never supports the possibility of a demo game, unlike the slots discussed in the section below.


Modern online slots are computer programs that work based on RNG. As with land-based casino slots, you must collect matching symbols on a payline to win. As a rule, up-to-date slots use cutting-edge technologies that allow providers to maximize the graphics and sound effects quality. In addition, many casinos offer you to practice and play a demo version before placing a real money bet.

Instant entertainments

It is the easiest version of the game and is perfect for beginners. As a rule, these gaming solutions do not require experience; you rely on your luck here. Among the popular games of this type are lotteries, keno, bingo, lucky wheel, and others.

Game Providers

Speaking of gambling games, one cannot but mention the casino software providers. These companies are engaged in developing, distributing, and adapting various iGaming solutions for different platforms, devices, and so on. Also, the analysis of the provider is a fundamental element of the right choice of the particular game. 

Therefore, consider variants that offer secure gameplay and use up-to-date technologies. Modern, reputable providers always have an official license, are periodically checked by regulatory authorities, and have consistently positive feedback from casino clients.